Chickpea Burgers

£0.58     20 minutes (plus 2 hours in the fridge)     Serves 4 Skip the beef this burger night and enjoying these lighter chickpea burgers instead, filled with goodness, these burgers are super tasty and great for you to enjoy as a fakeaway this weekend either with friends or family. All you need […]

Cod Paella

£0.73     20 minutes     Serves 3 Paella! This was so tasty, I love eating fish but always worry it’s going to be expensive, but when you look at it, it’s actually not that bad. This is full of vegetables and bulked out with couscous, a cheap and quick rice alternative. All you […]

Meatballs and spaghetti

£0.73     1 hour (plus 2 hours 30 minutes in the fridge)    Serves 3 This tasty meal is enough for three, its simple and easy to make and if you’re cooking for one, either make slightly less (divide recipe) or make lots including the sauce and freeze it all. All you need for […]

Marinated chicken fajitas

£0.70     30 mins (plus 4 hrs marinating)     Serves 3 The perfect group meal, this serves three but you can easily bump it all up to be fuller and feed more mouths. Fajitas are great especially with the marinated chicken it has more flavour and taste. All you need is 1 chicken […]

Chicken Pie

£1.03    40 mins   Serves 6 Part of the joy of living in a Uni house with a group of your closet friends means you can have family dinners, which involve everyone pitching in to cook a group meal. This weeks group meal was cooked by myself and two other housemates, the end result […]

Bacon and Chicken Salad

£2.14     50 mins    Serves 2 Since being back at home I’ve been given free range of my mothers kitchen which means lots of healthy foods and lots of different sauces. Yet, I still felt this was a basic meal but a delicious one and very healthy whilst being filling at the same […]

Chicken and Bacon Pie

£1.07     40 mins     Serves 5 All you need is 2 chicken breasts – cut into strips 2 bacon rashers – cut it small pieces 200g frozen mixed vegetables 1 white onion 1 chicken stock (in 500ml of boiling water) 3 tbsp light Philadelphia spread Pinch of salt and Pepper Filo pastry to cover […]