Amor’s 30 Under 30 – I co-wrote a book

“Empowered women, empower women” Growing up I was always encouraged to read, my mum would make us sit at the table and read for half an hour a day after doing our homework. As I’ve grown up I’ve tried not forget my love of reading, some days it can be hard to find time to […]

Good and bad sugars; what are the alternatives?

Sugar has come under fire a lot this week, and really I’m not surprised. The sugar tax came into effect and while many may argue it’s bad and that it’s going to promote the use of artificial sweeteners, I think it’s brilliant! The tax has been installed to discourage parents from buying high sugar content […]

The sugar tax has begun, but will it work?

The ‘sugar-tax’ came into effect this week, created to try and cut down on childhood obesity rates in the UK, manufacturers have been told they will pay tax on high sugar drinks, whether they pass this cost onto consumers is up to them. Last year, 20% of children in their final year at Primary School […]

Good and bad sugars; what’s the difference?

Good sugar is found naturally in food, bad sugar is added to food. As established in my first post on this topic sugar is good for you but in small doses – again, not groundbreaking. Sugar is also found in almost everything. It can be hard to distinguish between whats good for you, and what’s […]

Good and bad sugars; why does it matter?

Sugar, we can’t live without it, literally. Sugar is a key part of our diets, we need it and we love to consume it. There are variations of sugar, some are good others bad. Good sugar is something found naturally in food and bad sugar is when it’s been added. But before we get into […]

Brunching with some bloggers

A few weeks ago you may recall I posted about my first blogger event well last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Southampton Bloggers again, this time for brunch (is there anything more stereotypical than a bunch of bloggers all poised with cameras taking images of food?)  and it was lovely. […]

Blueberry muffins are healthy, right?

Wrong. News broke yesterday that the humble blueberry muffin can contain as much as sugar as your recommended daily allowance. Research conducted by Action on Sugar alongside Obesity Health Alliance they found that some blueberry muffins can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar. This is over the seven teaspoons that are recommended daily. The […]

Supermarine Blogger Meet Up

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first blogger event with the Southampton Bloggers group, hosted by Alice Spake. We all met in Woolston at Supermarine, a restaurant serving wood fire pizzas and a selection of delicious starters and cocktails. After arriving a few minutes late, I was greeted by lovely wait staff […]