Meatball stir fry

£1.50       10 mins     Serves 1 All you need is 4 meatballs (recipe to make your own) 150g of noodles 50g frozen vegetables 1 red onion 1 tbsp. coconut oil 1 tsp garlic/sesame seeds/paprika/salt/pepper 2 tbsp. soy sauce/sweet chilli sauce/sesame oil Sprinkle of sesame seeds for the topping To make it […]

Smoothie bowl

£0.32     10 minutes     Serves 1 All you need is 2 bananas a handful of frozen exotic fruit 1 tsp chia seeds 1 tsp pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp oats 2 tbsp yogurt To make it just In a blend blitz the exotic fruit and one banana with the yogurt until it creates a smoothie. […]

Chocolate nutty discs

£0.50     10 mins (plus 6 hours in the fridge)     Makes 12 All you need is 50g dark chocolate 10g nutty nosh granola from Breakfast by Bella 4 strawberries 1 tbsp water (optional) To make it just In a bowl place the chocolate and pop in the microwave for 20 second intervals until melted and smooth. […]

Super fluffy pancakes

£0.05    10 minutes     Makes 6 Who doesn’t love pancakes? Especially when they’re light and fluffy! These are super tasty and while they may seem a bit faffy they’re worth it. Ingredients 3 eggs 90g plain flour 1 tbsp cinnamon 100ml water 1 tbsp oil Method Separate the egg whites and yolks and whisk the whites […]

Chorizo Noodles

£1.31     10 minutes    Serves 1 Two of my favourite cuisines are Mediterranean and Asian, they both use powerful flavours to create tasty meals. So why not combine the two? This noodle dish does just that, to jazz up your lunch this week try it out! All you need is 150g Noodles 4 cherry tomatoes […]

Cod Paella

£0.73     20 minutes     Serves 3 Paella! This was so tasty, I love eating fish but always worry it’s going to be expensive, but when you look at it, it’s actually not that bad. This is full of vegetables and bulked out with couscous, a cheap and quick rice alternative. All you […]

Vegetarian Bolognese

£1.45     10 minutes     Serves 4 Vegetarian food doesn’t have to include ‘fake’ meat, beans and pulses make great fillers for dinners. This Bolognese was super quick to whip up and is filled with vitamins and minerals to give you a healthy dinner tonight. All you need is 500g passata 200g baked beans […]

Feta and pine nut salad

£1.26      10 minutes    Serves 1 When it comes to salad we are more inclined to eat them in summer but they are so light and healthy that they are ideal to eat when you want a break from soup and pies. All you need is 10g feta cheese 2 cherry tomatoes ¼ […]

Carrot and courgette pasta

£0.81     10 mins    Serves 1 Whilst pasta is such an easy meal sometimes it can become repetitive and slightly boring, this dish swaps the pasta for strips of carrots and courgette. I’ve seen so many courgette pasta dishes and this combines two vegetables to up your 5 a day count for a […]

Chocolate and berry breakfast bars

£1.06     10 mins (plus 8-10 hrs setting time)    Serves 6 Breakfast bars are so simple and easy to make and taste so good, especially when they’re loaded with chocolate and berries. These were gooey and gorgeous, a perfect healthy treat which an extra kick. All you need is 50g dark chocolate 100g […]