New Year, No Money

In January I find there are often three types of people:

  1. Buys every diet book in sight, reads up on celeb diets which involve eating bizarre items, limiting yourself to everything you enjoy and visiting the gym on a daily basis.
  2. Claims they don’t need to diet but are going to make an effort to try and eat healthier and workout more.
  3. Ignores all ideas of dieting and joining the gym and focuses more on how to save every penny as they’re spending January absolutely skint.

I am option number 3. As with so many people I had payday in December giving me 5 weeks before my next bit of income. Which means I need to start saving every which way I can. For me, the main way to save is through my food.

When I created this blog it was of course to try and encourage more young people to eat well and prove it doesn’t cost a fortune to be healthy. Since then I have worked at it to try and ensure I provide advice as well as recipes to help you lovely lot.

So this January why not cut the crap and stick to a News Years Resolution you’ll actually want to keep? Saving money.

Alongside my tips and The Money Whisperer site you’ve got plenty of help!

Instead of limiting yourself to never buying anything or never going anywhere why not just do it all but a bit smarter? Here are my top tips to help you eat great food on a budget.

  • Plan your meals to avoid waste – I’ve said many times planning your meals is great, but for those who don’t have time to meal prep and don’t want to sit down and plan your meals, why not just think before you cook? Look in the fridge for any leftovers and when cooking think if you can make a dish with the leftovers rather than wasting them.
  • Find dinner vouchers – there is absolutely no shame in using a discount code when going out to eat, I always check out the restaurant before I go to see if I can get a code online or if they offer student discount, which many places now do. I don’t use one specific website but rather Google the restaurant and check what pops up, sometimes they may have their own discounts including lunchtime menus and weekday discount.
  • Drink water – yes drinking water has many benefits, but one of which is that it can fill you up. Have a glass of water during and after a meal. By drinking during your dinner you will stop more and won’t be as likely to eat it all in one go so it will fill you up more and drinking after will make you feel like you’ve eaten more.

Of course the main piece of advice I can offer is for you to download my BRAND NEW PODCAST which goes live on Monday – shameless self promotion I know – but it does feature lots of interviews which lots of very knowledgeable people about eating good food and saving yourself lots of money.

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