14 Days of Blogmas: Desserts

I am aware that when it comes to Christmas there are the traditional and the non-traditional (couldn’t think of a better term I’m afraid), and nothing sets the two apart quite like pudding.

While Christmas pud may be a favourite for some for others it’s boring. For those who do enjoy it, they normally have an amazing recipe which works every year. So I am not here to give you another Christmas pudding recipe but rather  a few different options.


This is always a staple in my family, my Grandma makes the best trifle, but it is easy to make yourself. A layer on cake, fruit, custard then cream. Cake is a simple sponge, fruit tends to be berries but if you want it to be more festive use clementines, top with thick cold custard then whipped cream.

Yule log

My mum used to make these in December when I was younger, traditionally they’re chocolate but you could always mix in salted caramel or hazelnuts. It’s a simple flavoured sponge cake rolled up then filled with a butter icing mix then covered in butter icing before being decorated.


Clementines are in season this time of year so why not make use of them? Mix the juice and zest with icing sugar and cream cheese before placing thickly on top of a buttery biscuit base then leave to set.

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