14 days of Blogmas: Shopping List for Dinner

The best thing about Christmas of course has to be dinner time. It’s the one time a year it’s acceptable to eat sausages wrapped in bacon. But. we have to all admit there is an awful lot to buy. So I’ve put together my festive shopping list with all the ingredients I need to cook a big dinner on the day.


  • Turkey, of course this is a must have. 2-2.25kg is enough for 4-6 people, 3kg for 6-7 and so on. You can get fresh or frozen just remember to thoroughly thaw your turkey out before cooking.
  • Ham is my favourite meat and one I love at Christmas. Unlike turkey, 2.5kg is enough for 8 people. I cover my ham in sugar aka coke or honey, this gives a lovely glaze.
  • Pork may not be every ones go to for Christmas but it is a great tasting roasted meat when left long enough. Like ham, 2.25kg if enough for 8 people.
  • Beef isn’t my favourite meat option, but it is a favourite this time of year. 2.25kg is enough for 8 mouths. This meat doesn’t take overly long to cook depending on how your like your beef.


  • Brussels sprouts, what is Christmas without them? I have mine cooked in butter with pieces of bacon.
  • Parsnips are perfect this time of year, I part-boil mine then fluff them up in a colander before covering in honey and roasting
  • Carrots are ideal all year round and my favourite vegetable so I have plenty of them at Christmas. I do them the same as parsnips but instead of honey I use orange squash (a recipe my Aunty showed me)
  • Roast potatoes are always amazing, peel and boil them then fluff up in a colander before covering in oil and cooking until crisp and golden.
  • Cauliflower cheese may not be a usual thing to have at Christmas but in my family it’s an all-year-round dish. I boil the cauliflower then cover in a white sauce before topping with cheese and baking until crisp.


  • Pigs in blankets are always something in short supply at Christmas but they’re so easy to make. Just grab chipolatas and bacon, chop bacon into strips wrap around the chipolatas and bake.
  • Yorkshire puds are perfect roast additions, 140g plain flour, four eggs then 200ml milk. Mix well then leave for half hour before putting into muffin trays and cooking.
  • Stuffing completes a roast dinner, make it yourself or not. But, if you want to, mix onions, butter, apples, sausages, sage and breadcrumbs then bake.


  • Bread sauce is  classic festive addition, onion, cloves, bay leaves, peppercorns, full-fat milk, white bread and butter combined into a thick creamy sauce.
  • Cranberry sauce adds an element of sweetness to your dinner, mix muscovado sugar with orange juice and plenty of cranberries to make this sweet and sticky sauce.
  • Gravy, this of course is a roast dinner classic which I’m pretty sure we all know how to make. Gravy granules and hot water.

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