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Saturday Review: Rombouts Coffee

It should come as no surprise when I say that I am an absolutely coffee addict. Whilst yes, I am a huge lover of tea – so much so, I got a teacup tattooed on my leg – I still cannot neglect the humble caffeine hug I get from a morning latte.

So when Rombouts got in touch with me saying they wanted to send me some samples to review, I happily accepted and when an enormous cardboard box appeared in the middle of my living room I was even more excited.

Before I get into the coffee goodness I thought I’d explain a bit about the company.  Founded in 1896 in Belgium, Rombouts is a family owned coffee roaster who invented the One Cup Filter back in 1958 – my favourite product – and have since built a strong relationship with coffee farmers around the globe.

So what was in the box?
Re-useable products

The problem with filter coffee machines is that they often involve buying filters which aren’t always biodegradable. So when I found a cafeteria in the box it was the perfect way to enjoy my ground coffee.

As for on-the-go, the reusable travel mug is a great size for small coffees which can be taken and refilled in cafes. In addition the canvas bag is great to carry shopping home.


The main event – One Cup Filter

I have never tried a One Cup Filter before, but I was crazy excited to give these a go. They’re so simple to use, pop the filter on top of a mug then fill with hot water before covering with a lid and allowing the coffee to be created.

I tried 4 roasts; Italian style, Original (my personal favourite), Decaf and Columbian. They all tasted different, with the Italian style being the darkest roast at level 5 and the Original being a nice easy drink with a coffee level of 3.

Out of all the products I got to try, the One Cup Filter was my total favourite! It made mornings quicker and was a great way to enjoy filter coffee without too much fuss.

The other bits

Of course, their are some mornings- mostly Sundays – when I want nothing more than to sit down with a big cafeteria and a nice coffee cup and have a relaxing start to the day.

The Laos medium dark roast was a great option for this, it was smooth and full bodied. The Cuba flavour was equally nice but less intense with the flavour.

Finally, what is coffee without a biscuit? Rombouts speculoos biscuits are the perfect coffee treat, whilst they are individually wrapped – which I don’t think is necessary due to the amount of rubbish it leaves behind – they do taste great.

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