Food Uncovered: Incorrect Names

This month I want to focus on uncovering some food myths and secrets to try and save you money but also help you eat a lot better.

This week I want to focus on food which is labelled one thing but is filled with something else entirely. Whilst for some – vegetarians and vegans – this maybe useful, for others this will highlight how unclear some labels really are.

Let’s start with meat products. Or rather, products which claim to contain meat but don’t. The two key culprits?

Bacon rasher crisps

Ah yes, the humble bacon rasher, with it’s crispy texture and pink strip is actually totally vegetarian. They simply contain bacon flavour seasoning which is made with dextrose, onion powder and yeast extract among other unnaturally bacon substances.

Chicken and mushrooms pot noodle

Of course you’re not going to expect a pot noodle to be fancy but is containing a little meat too hard? After all it is on the packet. Put no, in fact it only contains 1.5% mushrooms and no chicken flavourings but rather an impressive amount of fats, seasoning and enhancers.

It’s not just meat of course, many items which claim to contain diary products are in fact dairy free. Good news for those who are lactose intolerant but bad news for those hoping a biscuit labelled ‘cookies n cream’ contained cream.


If you go to buy these little biscuits it will state on the packaging ‘May Contain Milk’, but take a closer look at the ingredients list and you will find no dairy whatsoever. You will find wheat flour and starch, sugars, cocoa powder and flavourings alongside other items I’ve never heard of.

Cream crackers

Contrary to their misleading title, these crackers contain no cream at all, in fact they don’t even contain any dairy. Just wheat and flavourings to give it the texture and taste of a creamy cracker without the need for the cream.

Although this may seem a bit confusing, for vegetarians, vegans and those who are dairy-free this may all be incredibly exciting but in actual fact, it is far from it. These products are claiming to contain meat and dairy but don’t.

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  1. Good to know about the oreos but I’m so shocked about the other stuff. I don’t understand why brands would market their products as containing meat and dairy when they don’t have it…you’d think they’d just re-brand it as vegan friendly!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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