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Arapina the Mediterranean Bakery

When I was first introduced to Arapina, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of them. They seemed incredible and almost too good to be true. Created by Michaela Pontiki, a woman with a holistic approach towards people’s relationship with food.

So why am I telling you about them?

It aggravates me a lot when companies provide dairy free and gluten free products but charge a fortune for them. Just because someone has an intolerance doesn’t mean they should have to pay a fortune to enjoy a treat.

Arapina thankfully doesn’t do this. They don’t compromise on flavour or quality yet still stay affordable to the masses.

Michaela Pontiki aka Lady M grew up in Crete surrounded by locally sourced natural produce and healthy home cooked food. She brought this attitude to the UK and thus Arapina was born.

Whilst it may not seem it, but all of the products on their site and in store support a healthy lifestyle through their ingredients.

So what is on offer?

Chocolates, preserves, cakes, treat and savouries. Not all are available for delivery I must add due to the nature of the products. Fear not, they do have a bakery in Greenwich which serves amazing food daily.

Chocolate treats

These are my favourite products from Arapina, they’re so so tasty, especially considering they’re sugar free and some are dairy free. As someone who can’t have added sugar, these were an amazing treat for me. Thick coating encased almonds and hazelnuts. I tried the vegan almonds and sugar free milk chocolate almonds.

Protein balls

Since getting back into a gym routine I’ve found myself trying to eat a lot more protein, so when I discovered protein treats I was incredibly happy. These balls are small so perfect to grab and go, they’re soft with a crumble centre and packed with flavour. There are 12 flavours to choose from or you could grab a mixed packet. I loved the blueberry and lemon ones.


Whilst chocolate is my main love, I cannot hide my devotion to cheese and what goes better with cheese than preserves? Well, maybe grapes? But anyway, these preserves work incredibly well on your cheeseboard or in fact with your breakfast dish. I mixed the sour cherries flavour in with yogurt and granola for breakfast and the end result was incredible!

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