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Capsicana’s Cracking Chilli Condiments

Okay, so no they’re not technically condiments but the name just worked so well! Capsicana are a brand based on bringing Latin sauces into your kitchen.

The brand was created by Ben Jackson aka Chilli Ben. After he discovered a love of Latin American Food and doing a few road trips through Austin and San Antonio he began creating Mexican meals at home. In 2009 with £500 in the bank and began selling his sauces on a market stall in Hertfordshire.

Now Capsicana is available to buy online or in Whole Foods Market, Ocado, Waitrose and most recently Sainsbury’s!

So what are the flavours? There are a choice of 4: Cuban chilli & lime, Mexican chilli & honey, Peruvian chilli & lemon and Brazillian chilli & coconut. They’re all cooking sauces and come with a handy recipe to get your inspired.

They’re all £1.99 for a pouch which serves 2. All sauces contain no artificial colourings or flavourings, are suitable for veggies, gluten free and are non GM.

So a brief run down of the products: they come in a pouch with enough for two (they advertise this but you need to top it up a bit for some extra sauce), they can easily be added to meals to give a blast of flavour and most meals made with them are ready in under 15 minutes.

Cuban chilli and lime:

Ingredients – water, orange juice concentrate, honey, garlic puree, dextrose, white wine vinegar, olive oil, corn flour, lime juice concentrate, salt, modified maize starch, spices (cumin, habanero chilli, black pepper) and parsley.

I gave this a try in a fajita mix, I chopped up sausages, tomatoes, yellow pepper, onion and mushrooms and chucked them in a pan then once they’d cooked down I added the entire pouch of sauce. I found it didn’t cover the ingredients much so I then refilled the pouch with water and added that which worked incredibly well.

This was such a great sauce, you had a lovely sweet taste of fruit followed by a punch of spice which hits you right after. The heat rating is top but I wouldn’t say it’ll blow your head off, it is super tasty and an incredibly rich thick sauce.

Mexican chilli and honey:

Ingredients – sugar, tomato paste, water, garlic puree, white wine vinegar, chilli puree, salt, hone, spices (ancho chilli, smoked paprika, cumin, chipotle chilli), dehydrated tomato, corn flour and oregano.

I tried this one with a pasta dish, I cooked up 75g of pasta with a handful of frozen veggies and fried off some mushrooms and onions before heating the sauce and mixing it all in. I was slightly worried this would be lacking in spice but I was so wrong!

This pasta was a favourite on mine, the sauce was sweet yet still spicy and a total joy to eat – is that normal? If I was to pick my favourite of these two it has to be this one.

Fancy giving it a go? Explore Capsicana online now!

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