24 hours in Bangkok

Like many traveller South-East Asia has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. This summer, I got to tick of two countries, Thailand and Vietnam. Bangkok is of course the capital, but is also filled with food and interesting things to do! However, let’s focus on the food bit for now shall we?

Day 1:

My first taste of Thai culture came from a coffee shop, JOY COFFEE to be exact. Found at

After getting a much needed caffeine fix, it was time to find dinner. SiamParagon is one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia, and is filled with designer shops including Harrods and Ferrari. This mall is worlds away from the poverty within the city and is oozing with Western culture.

Whilst this dish may not look the most appealing, it was incredibly tasty. Found in Taling Pling, a cheap and tasty dinner at 190 baht each for spring rolls and a main. The egg was incredibly soft despite being cooked in a lot of oil. Underneath is a thick noodle mixture combining mince and vegetables and underneath is lettuce.

Day 2:

One thing you will find difficult in this city is breakfast food which isn’t noodle based. Therefore, I’d advise trying somewhere with a Western twist for a cheap and easy meal like The Baking Bureau on

Of course, what is a trip to Bangkok without some street food. Pad Thai is on offer everywhere in this city, but the best place to experience it? On a street from a food vendor. This dish was from a vendor outside Phaya Thai station in front of a 7/11 shop. Costing just 40 baht a dish you have a large helping of noodles with a side of bean sprouts and plenty of toppings including chillies and peanuts.

What was the city like?

Food aside, this city does have a lot of culture to offer. With it’s traditional Buddhist temples in between newly built flat blocks and shopping centres, it’s bursting with difference. One thing I did find incredible was the difference between rich or poor. Within 5 minutes walk you can find yourself walking across a live train track with people sat by the edge living in huts. Then before you know it, you’re standing inside a newly built skyscraper.

Overall, this is a city I would highly recommend for it’s food and general experience. Are you planning a visit to this country? Let me know on Twitter @amyjoannataylor.

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  1. Finding a good coffee place is always the first thing I do when I travel. I can’t go a day without it! Great post!

    Valerie – http://www.simpletipsblog.com

  2. Anisa says:

    The food looks delicious !! Great post, Bangkok looks like it’s a beautiful city

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