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I won’t lie, when I found of The Great British Bake Off was going to be moved from BBC to Channel Four and consequently lose Mary Berry, Mel and Sue, I was slightly heartbroken.

However, my heart was quickly fixed when I got asked if I’d like to go and visit a real life bake off tent. Of course, I quickly replied yes, grabbed my baking buddies and headed on the tube down to Tooting to get cooking.

Whilst the inside of the tent looked incredibly like the one I’d seen people crying and laughing in on TV, the outside was slightly different, hiding in the back garden of The Castle, a pub on the high street is a large white marquee.

I refused to let this confuse me too much (mostly because I was crazy excited to get inside and start baking) and focused on my end goal – creating a delicious and beautiful genoise sponge Swiss roll.

When you first go in the tent you’re given a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the equipment in your kitchen and the method which is detailed in front of you as well as all the ingredients you will need for the recipe.

The timer starts and you’re off. We were given two options either a layered cake or swiss roll, both had to be made using genoise sponge but can be flavoured and decorated anyway you like.

After option for the roll, we decided on peanut butter, chocolate and banana as the flavour combo. Whilst we had a rough idea of what we were doing, it was incredibly comforting to have the staff wandering around helping you.

They weren’t their to give you the answers of do anything for you, but if you need technical help they could aid, something handy if you’ve never rolled a cake before.

After 90 long and fun minutes we were done. Whilst the end result may have only gained us 7th place, it was incredibly good fun and a very different day out.

If you fancy trying the bake off tent for yourself, then why not pop down to Tooting? It’s a great day out for all budding bakers and chefs alike.

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  1. I didn’t realise you could actually visit the tent and get your bake on!! It sounds like such an amazing experience and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It’s mad to think your cake only came 7th, it looks to die for.

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