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I see London, I see France, I Sea Bacon in my lunch. Wait that doesn’t seem right. But then when a parcel gets delivered which contains seaweed flavoured bacon, what is right?

Yes, seaweed flavoured bacon is the latest trend to grab the health world by storm, or at least, make a graceful entrance to the ever expanding world of health foods.

So what is I Sea Bacon? Well, it comes from Seamore, whose founder mistook seaweed for pasta and loved it so much he shared it with the world. From this he developed I Sea Bacon, by frying the seaweed, ‘bacon’ is created.

The benefits? It contains no saturated fats, yep, not a single one, also very little calories. In addition is helps the immune system and is good for vision and gut health due to containing calcium, potassium and iodine.

But what is it like experiencing it for yourself?

As with most new foods I try, I decided just to open the pack and eat straight from the bag. However, I found the texture to be incredibly chewy and the bacon flavour didn’t come across as strong as I would have liked. Instead I was met with an incredibly salty taste.

Nevertheless, I persisted. This time I read the packing and prepared as per the frying option, it does state on the pack to fry in oil but I used a non-stick pan instead to keep it super healthy; the end result? It began acting like bacon, a small amount of oil came out of it so it began cooking in it’s own juices and going crisp.

I popped it on top of my couscous and found the end result wasn’t actually bad, in fact, it added a extra layer of smokiness and crunch to my lunch.

One bad thing about this? Unless you store it correctly it begins to go off quickly, I found small white spots on my ‘bacon’ after being left open for a day.

Overall, I did find this product to be rather tasty. I found once I fried it the bacon flavour became more obvious and super tasty. Whilst this may not replace bacon all-together, I’d definitely swap out a few bacon meals with this.

Try Seamore bacon for yourself! Available online and in the supermarkets.

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  1. Thanks for a great review! The white spots are actually not a sign of the product going bad, it’s a naturally occurring and completely harmless moss that you sometimes find on this seaweed. Won’t affect the taste!

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