5 tips to travelling on a budget

Since a young age I’ve wanted to travel, but as with most things in life, this can be incredibly costly and therefore not something easy for students to do.

However, after my recent 3 week trip to Southeast Asia I managed to find a few tips and tricks to stay on budget on holiday.

So here are my top 5 tips enjoy your travelling trip without breaking your bank account. These tips can also be applied to any holiday you’re going on.

  1. Hotel breakfasts – no, I don’t mean spend the money for breakfasts in the hotel, but rather make the most of that mini fridge space. Buy a travel bowl and spoon in your home country then when you arrive in your destination pop to the shop and pick up some cereal and milk and tuck into a budget breakfast before heading out for the day.
  2. All-Inclusive vs Do-it-Yourself – sometimes all-inclusive holidays seem appealing but actually they are a lot more costly. Look into where you are staying, see what is around your hotel and compare the prices of local food against how much you’d spend on an all-inclusive.
  3. Check your hotel location – locations is key when staying in a new city, city centres are normally more expensive but you save money on travelling around the city seeing things as you can walk to all the main attractions. However, sometimes, staying just out of the city can result in nicer hotels, cheaper restaurants and less tourism.
  4. Avoid restaurants – whilst this one may seem strange, but often as with most cities, eating in fancy places can add up. Many cities have small cafes on side roads which are usually cheaper and just as tasty. Also, try some street food it’s cheap and super tasty.
  5. Take cash – using your card abroad can result in expensive card fees. Many cash points can charge for using a foreign card so the fees are even bigger. Avoid all this by taking cash ahead of time and changing it up in your destination, then save your card for emergencies.

Jess Eats and Travels has advice on cruise on a budget as well!

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  1. Me and my partner always stay in accommodation with kitchens when we go away as eating out for every meal drains your funds soo much! And it’s super nice to try their supermarket foods I think 🙂
    Alice Xx

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