Summer is Coming

Game of Thrones may have brought winter but outside in the real world summer seems to have appeared. What better way to enjoy summer than with a BBQ? However, being students we don’t all have giant BBQs sitting in the garden and we don’t have a lot of money to go and get a tonne of food.

This all being said, it is very possible to have a BBQ and enjoy some time in the summer with friends without breaking the bank. You just need to have a small plan and some money but not too much.

Pick a main meat:

For our BBQ the other day we opted for sausages so all we had to do was purchase a bunch of sausages and bread rolls from Tesco which came to £4.50 for 24 sausages and £2 for 24 bread finger rolls.

Additionally, someone brought us over some burgers which we cut in half to place in the bread rolls.

Way of cooking:

Disposable BBQs are great if you can get them, I would avoid trying Tesco Express and Sainsbury Locals as they have a limited amount of products. However, ASDA are selling ones from £2-5 which are great for a quick BBQ.

An alternative and cheaper option if you don’t fancy going to ASDA is to pop it all in the oven. You’d think this would be slightly unsociable but it actually makes it less messy to bung it all in the oven. It’s simple set a timer enjoy some sun after timer goes off pop it all onto a plate and bring it out to enjoy.

Lots of booze:

The main thing about a good BBQ is booze. Well, to be honest, the main thing about the sun is booze. Enjoying a cold cider in the sun with some friends, that’s the main point of the BBQ anyway.

So this summer get out in the sun and enjoy yourself! Tweet me your photos enjoying the sun with your BBQ @AmyJoannaTaylor

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