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When I moved to University one of the first things I did was join a gym, for me fitness is incredibly important and I feel like if I have a gym membership it’s more acceptable to fill my face with food.

Problem with working out as a student is that you don’t have the energy to do a full hour in the gym, oh and of course you do not always have money for a gym membership. So below I have made a list of exercises which can be done either in or out of the gym.

All these exercises should be done 8 times in a set, and 3 sets of each for a full workout. Why 8? Well its a magic number. I’m kidding, kind of, according to Mandy Ingber (Jennifer Aniston’s yoga trainer) the number 8 represents harmony and balance.

When I work out I focus on chest, abs and legs and these have given me the best results over the past few months.


These exercises are ideal for toning, whilst 2 of them do require dumbbells you don’t have to use them, a tin of baked beans in each hand can work just as well if you are doing the workout at home, or even bottles of water.

Both the chest press and dumbbell fly are pictured above on a bench but you can actually lie on the floor and have the exact same result. I opt for knee push-ups as I am not great at push ups but you can of course do normal ones if you feel more comfortable.


None of these need weights at all which is handy if you don’t go to the gym as they are easy to do from home. I find that toning you’re stomach can be a pain as you have to combine the right exercises with a dietary plan.

These ab workouts are super easy and personally I have seen results from these ones, you can up the anti on the double crunches and Russian twists by adding in some weights to help aid the toning.


For me legs are not a major workout as I am on my feet often at work so they get exercised a lot however it is good to include them in a workout so they remain toned. These focus mostly on the thighs but do help the rest of the leg as well.

Add some ankle weights for the donkey kicks and fire hydrant to boost the level of toning as well as a weight for the squats. You can also go into calf raises after you squat to get the whole leg working.

I find that it takes just 10 minutes to complete this workout and you should start to see results after just a few weeks!

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