Stop the stereotypical student

I’ve been a fully fledged student, living away from mum for over 2 years now and in that time I’ve managed to create a slightly successful food blog uploading recipes for fellow students to create as well as proving to said mum that I am eating properly. However, it still baffels me that so many students still have a diet of beans on toast, and it slightly angers me.

Fair enough, we don’t all enjoy cooking and don’t all have the time or money (not that it’s an excuse since most meals can be made in under 20 minutes and for under a quid) but why not vary it up? One of my friends isn’t an avid cooker but she does want to be healthy and look good and as a result she’ll eat gammon, mash and beans. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Why? Because she’s trying to create proper meals.

With the growth of social media tool Instagram making many of us foodies want to run to the kitchen and get baking it seems to have an adverse effect on many students. As a result, these students who don’t get cooking and creating feed into the ‘stereotypical student’ and end up getting can openers for Christmas. Which, I won’t lie, is incredibly handy for students – especially if they can open bottles as well as cans, then they’re even better.

However, I’ve got off track. Students are most at risk of getting illness, ‘freshers flu’ is a very real illness. General illness is also common in students due to drinking our body weight in booze several nights a week and binge eating pizza with a hangover the next day we’re never going to be the healthiest species.

I’m not suggesting we all stop drinking and live off a diet of chicken, rice and vegetables. I would never suggest no booze. But perhaps order the pizza drunk, enjoy cold the next morning and by the evening after a long day of sleeping and Netflix binge watching go and make something mildly healthy.

Although I have focused on students here, this does apply to anyone who believes that cooking is too difficult or too hard and beans on toast is quick and easy as honestly, it is but there’s so much food you can make in the same time that’s just as nice.

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