How super are superfoods?


It’s summer which means one thing, bikini season is coming. Yes ladies (and men) summer is coming which means shorts, t-shirts (or no t-shirts in some cases), mini dresses and swimwear. The best thing about summer is that we can relax and enjoy the sun. The worst thing about summer? We get incredibly hot when wearing black clothing or covering up because we don’t have the confidence to wear next to nothing.

Which means, we turn to healthy foods; salad, chicken and fruit is always at the top of this list. And why not? They are all healthy foods. However, one group of healthy food which seems to be taking the world by storm is the ‘SuperFood’.

The ‘superfoods’ are a group of foods which claim to have incredible health benefits and as a result are very popular for when you’re trying to lose weight. But do they really exist? The NHS claim they are created by food producers to persuade buyers to spend more money on bizzare products due to the suggested benefits, but there is not true research to support these claims hence why products aren’t labelled ‘superfood’.

Some examples of these foods are; blueberries, goji berries, chocolate (yes, that is right), oily fish, wheatgrass, pomegranate juice, green tea, broccoli, garlic and beetroot.

Blueberries, green tea, broccoli, garlic, beetroot and certain oily fish aren’t that uncommon to the average person when doing a food shop. However, for many of us we won’t go out of our way to purchase the other items, so, it could be suggested that these superfoods claims are simply trying to convince you to buy more obscure products than you would normally.

This being said, many people do buy these items and have seen results. Plus, there is ongoing research to explore the benefits of these claimed ‘superfoods’ to see whether or not that can help reduce life threatening illnesses.

In the meantime, I would stick to a varied and healthy diet, consuming lots of fruit and vegetables with a balance of carbohydrates and fats.

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