Getting the perfect plate balance

As students we aren’t the best at getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed. However, what’s worse is most of the time we don’t even try! It’s so easy to put a pizza in the oven or some beans in the microwave that we seem to fail to try to cook properly.

The problem with eating like this is that we don’t get the vital nutrients which our bodies need and as a result we end up getting ill more. So what can be done? Below is a diagram which shows what how much of what food category should be on our plate to create something which is balanced. As well as providing us with the necessary minerals and vitamins our bodies need.

plate split .jpg

With this in mind I have created a bunch of plates which meet the necessary needs for our health. Whilst I understand it is difficult to fit everything onto one plate I have sometime mixed and matched with the fruits and vegetables.

Plate one:

Brown spaghetti, cooked steak, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and onion all mixed together with pesto.

Good cabs, protein, good fats and vegetables

Plate two:

Rolled oats mixed with peanut butter, bananas and pistachio nuts all combined in a bowl and rolled into balls.

Good carbs, good fats, fruits and protein

Plate three:

Brown bread covered in egg and fried in no oil, topped with sunflower seeds and melted summer berries dribbled on top.

Good carbs, protein, good fats and fruits

Plate four:

Brown rice, grilled salmon fillet cooked with lemon and grilled avocado with steamed broccoli, serve with fresh lemon.

Good carbs, protein, good fats, vegetables and fruit

There are many other combinations which you can do to create a hearty and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have a go at creating your own dish and upload a picture to Twitter with my tag @AmyJoannaTaylor

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