Bank Holiday Brunch

As tomorrow is of course bank holiday Monday, many of us will be taking advantage of a long lie in and as a result a tasty brunch treat. So I’ve complied a list of my favourite brunch recipes which are all healthy and cheap.

Avocado and egg muffin


Avo and egg really are a match made in heaven, plus a total Instagram brunch cliché. £1.15 each for one of these tasty muffins, ready in 20 minutes for 221 calories.

Cut 1 wholemeal muffin in half and toast. Boil water and poach an egg. Chop 1 avocado in half and peel, place in a bowl and mash then mix in 1 tbsp plain low fat yogurt, 1/4 tsp lemon juice, 1/4 tsp garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper. Spread avo mixture on muffin and top with egg then tuck in. Full recipe here



There is nothing more classic than a BLT, 32p each and 312 calories. Brunch will be on the table in 20 minutes.

Grill one bacon medallion per roll, then once crispy place in a wholemeal roll, top with a lettuce leaf, slice of tomato and dollop of mayo. Repeat as required!

Eggs benedict


The top of every brunch menu is this delight, 404 calories and ready in 10 minutes. At £1.30 this is a tasty budget benedict.

Grill two bacon medallions and boil a pan of water before poaching an egg. In a small pan mix 1 egg yolk, 60ml fat free yogurt, 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1/4 tsp mustard and a pinch of salt and pepper, then heat. Toast two crumpets then top with bacon, egg and sauce. Full recipe here

Spinach fried egg


If you want pure #eggporn then give this brunch idea a go! Just 66p and a tasty 297 calories plus ready in 10 minutes.

Toast two crumpets, dice half an onion and fry with a handful of shredded spinach. Once the spinach starts to wilt bring into the centre of the pan and pat down. Crack the egg on top and fry together. Once egg is cooked serve on the crumpets and enjoy. Top with chilli flakes for an extra kick.

Fry up on crumpets


Finally, a fry up! I love swapping bread out for other options and this is a great example. This will start your day off strong just £1.50 for 684 calories of goodness, ready in 10 minutes.

Place 1 bacon medallion and 1 sausage under the grill. Boil a pan of water and poach an egg. Pop two crumpets in the toaster. Once toasted pop on a plate, top with the bacon, sausage and egg then tuck in! Full recipe here or try it with pancakes

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