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Amsterdam the city known for its red lights and debauchery, it’s a city which entice students and other brits throughout the year, allowing them to experience a completely different culture for a few days.

However, as a foodie for me the trip was more about finding some great restaurants and bars which were student budget friendly and gave me a experience of Holland.

File_000In true student style we stayed in a hostel in Stadsdoelen just a five minute walk from the renowned red light district. Which is where our first evening meal took place. No we didn’t eat in strip club but actually somewhere slightly more unique. De TonTon Club is round the corner from De Oude Kerk off the main street and full of arcade games. Whilst it does have a limited menu, the food was delicious and the price was great. I enjoyed a Chilli Con Carne Quesadilla €7.50.

File_003Our second dining experience was slightly more upper class. We ventured left outside our hostel instead of right towards Red Light District and found ourselves in Rembrandt Square. The square is fully lit in the evening and look stunning. The meal took place in Rain a hotel with a small restaurant underneath. Outside was a large sign stating Ribs and Chips €15.50 alongside some other cheap meals. The restaurant was spacious and not too loud, food was insane. I had the ribs which came in a honey BBQ dressing and weren’t coated but rather had been cooked in a sauce so the ribs were full of flavour. We definitely got out moneys worth here and I highly recommend it.

File_002There is so much to see in this little city that lunch times become something which is easy to eat so you can grab and go. Lunch time on our first day consisted of a hot dog in Dam Square,  it was incredibly sunny so we sat on the cathedral steps and ate with the locals. You can pick up a hotdog from €2.50 from a kiosk on the square.

Second day lunch was a bit different – still just as unhealthy – we had waffles. On virtually every street in Amsterdam you will past an Ice Cream Parlour, these are god like. Much better than Sprinkles or Treatz in Southampton but still pricy, in both parlours we had waffle with three toppings which was €6.00.

Ice 4 You (picture right below) was our first visit, located on the De Oude Kerk main street. The service here wasn’t great, we were pressured into buying more toppings than we wanted and weren’t told the price before they put the toppings on. Milo’s ice cream (picture left below) located in Plantage was a lot nicer, the waffle’s weren’t as loaded so we didn’t feel as sick after eating and the service was better, we weren’t pressured into buying anything we didn’t want.

OFile_004verall, Amsterdam was an incredible experience if you go don’t just run into any place on a main street, this city is full of small roads with hidden gems so don’t overlook them. Top tip, visit a Tours and Ticket office to purchase any tickets as it’s not worth paying on the door. Oh and the Ice Bar is a must! Ice cold drinks from a glass made of ice in a room full of ice.

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